Established 1960




Sunridge Shelties is a small hobby kennel located on 12 acres about 20 miles outside of St. Louis, Missouri.  Our first sheltie was acquired in 1960.

In our breeding program, in addition to striving for intelligence and a willingness to work, we have always sought to breed to the standard. 

On the average, we only have a litter every couple of years.  So every litter that we have is very special to us.  We take great pride in seeing that each puppy is placed in its own special home. 

History of Sunridge Shelties

Even though our first sheltie was a pet and never bred, we consider him the "foundation" of Sunridge Shelties in that he instilled in us a great love and appreciation for the beauty and intelligence of the breed.  He had a wonderful temperament, as well as being beautiful.  He was a son of CH Pixie Dell Little Hobo ex CH Thorpehill Pepsi.

The Early, "Youthful" Years:

Our "first love" in the realm of dog showing was in obedience.  We showed actively from the early 1960's through 1975.  During that period, we bred and/or owned the following titled dogs:

  • Sunridge Amber Satin, CDX

  • Sunridge Blue Dandy, CDX

  • Sunridge Copper Kellie, CD

  • Sunridge Dixieland Band, CDX

  • Sunridge Dutchess Riyal, CD

  • Sunridge Great Silver Strike, CD

  • Sunridge Highland Daisy, CD

  • Sunridge Princess Riyal, CDX

  • Sunridge Reach for the Stars, CD

  • Sunridge Satin Slippers, CDX

  • Sunridge Yankee Doodle Dandy, CD

  • Dorisu's Daintee Dinah, CD

  • Nutmeg of Aron-Kae, CD.

In addition to our own obedience dogs, we put obedience titles on the following:

  • CH Aron-Kae Blue Jeans, CD

  • CH Jolyn's Jubilent Jasper, CD.

Even though obedience was the venue we showed in the most, breeding to the standard has also always been a high priority.  In 1972, a puppy that we had bred finished his conformation championship with 4- and 5-point major wins to become our first home-bred champion.  This beautiful boy was:

  • CH Larkels Clipper.

"Clipper" was sired by the 1968 ASSA National Specialty Winner's Dog, CH Mar-Jan's Music Maker of Waljon ex Nutmeg of Aron-Kae, CD.  "Clipper" was shown to his title by his owners at Larkel Kennels.

Time Out:

In 1985, due to increasing health problems, the inevitable decision to "retire" from breeding had to be made.  We did not have any puppies or show any dogs for the next nine years.

Coming Back:

In 1992, we fell in love with and bought Benayr Beautiful Dreamer from Susan Bentley.  Then in 1994, we had our first "come back" litter. 

A few years later in 1996, we purchased CH Heatherland's Follow My Lead, a stud dog from a line noted for their structural soundness.  Our litters by him excelled in the soundness we had hoped for.  As a bonus, we also got pretty faces!  One of those "pretty faces" went to my daughter, Holly Potts, and has since become:

  • CH MACH Sunridge Follow Your Heart, MXB, MJS, AXP, AJP, HT, VCX+CH.

"Mandy" was shown to her conformation and agility championships and to her herding title by my daughter, Holly Potts.  My daughter, from her youth on, has always been an integral part of Sunridge Shelties.  As a junior handler, she put a CD on her childhood favorite, Sunridge Yankee Doodle Dandy, CD, having trained "Dandy" exclusively herself.

In recent years, we have bred the following titled dogs:

  • Sunridge Sparks A Flyin', OA, AXJ, OF

  • Sunridge High Tide, CDX, RA, AX, AXJ

  • Sunridge Song of the South, CDX, NA, NAJ, AXP, MJP

  • Sunridge Wish Upon A Star, CD, RN, CGC, TDI, AX, AXJ, OAP, AJP, NF

  • IntCH Sunridge Free As A Breeze

  • IntCH Sunridge With Style and Grace, CD, CGC.

Looking Ahead:

As mentioned above, we only have a litter every couple of years.  Therefore, we will only occasionally have puppies to share.  We welcome inquiries from those interested in having a sound, typey, pretty dog.

Our Home and Our Dog Facilities:

As mentioned above, we are a small hobby kennel.  Here are a few photos of our home and our dog room and the grooming and bathing area we have set up for the dogs.

Our home

The dog's sleeping quarters

The "girls" after supper

Grooming and bathing area


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